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How To Submit

Submissions must be made before 12pm (EST) at the close of each round to count for round-specific scoring and prizes.

Only one submission per person per round will be considered. Watch the video below for details on how to submit your project.

Before submitting your project Please:

  1. Showcase your site and add your name in the fixed footer and link the source block to your showcase page for the corresponding day. (See video)
  2. Fill out the form on this page with all relevant details.

Submissions Deadlines (US Eastern Standard Time) 

  • July 21 12pm - Master Cloneable Released
  • July 22 12pm - Round 1 submissions due
  • July 23 12pm - Round 2 submissions due
  • July 24 12pm - Final submissions due
  • July 24 4pm - Awards & Happy hour