#CloneComp 2020 Instructions

Each day of the competition you'll get a new part of the storyline, new component requirements, and new colors. Other than including the daily requirements, the sky's the limit to what you can build.

Day 1


There is trouble on earth and we need to evacuate immediately. You’ve got 24 hours to save our species and get off the planet.

Mission deadline = 12:00PM EST July 22nd.


Your day 1 submission should include:

  • People loading a spacecraft
  • A picture or illustration of your spacecraft leaving the earth's orbit.


Day 2


Will be updated on July 22nd



Day 3


Will be updated July 23rd



How #CloneComp works

Here are the key points to the competition. Full rules and frequently asked questions can be found on the main CloneComp site.

  • Day one everyone must start from the master cloneable.
  • Submissions should be built on the home page of the cloned project.
  • Projects can be single page or multipage websites.
  • Each day participants will get new instructions ("Secret Ingredients") which must be incorporated into that round of the design. They will appear in the grid above on this page.
  • Each round, participants must start by cloning someone else's project from the prior round.
  • The process will repeat for three rounds, culminating in an online Happy Hour where winners and prizes will be announced.
  • Submissions will be sorted using Airtable, and displayed on the main #CloneComp site.

How to submit a cloneable

Submissions must be made before 12pm (EST)
at the close of each round to count for round-specific scoring and prizes.

Only one submission per person per round will be considered.

Submissions Deadlines (US Eastern Standard Time) 

  • July 21 12pm - Master Cloneable Released
  • July 22 12pm - Round 1 submissions due
  • July 23 12pm - Round 2 submissions due
  • July 24 12pm - Final submissions due
  • July 24 4pm - Awards & Happy hour

Submit a site

Scoring Criteria

Qualification requirements

  • Participants must complete all 3 rounds to qualify for top prizes
  • Participants are eligible to win round specific prizes regardless of whether they complete all three rounds
  • Overall adherence to official rules will be considered during final scoring decisions
  • Use of theme colors, shared assets and storyline will be considered as part of the final decision.
  • Submissions should be made on by noon EST each round in order to qualify for round specific scoring and prizes.


  • Overall creativity
  • Adherence to storyline and daily prompts
  • Creative interpretation
  • Graphics design
  • Misc embellishments
  • Interactions
  • Lottie files
  • Video
  • Bonus points for using Jetboost, Memberstack, etc.
  • Bonus points for sharing submissions on Twitter and tagging #clonecomp2020?



Additional options